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Soundtrack Creation is an award winning London based team lead by composer and sound designer Sefi Carmel.

We offer Soundtrack creation packages for feature films, trailers, cinema and tv commercials as well as high profile documentaries, games and online media.

Soundtrack creation includes composition of original music, sound supervision, design, editing, foley, ADR, fx track lay and a full mix – theatrical Dolby Digital / Dolby Atmos surround mix, or stereo for tv, online or mobile devices, at the highest possible standard. (These services are of course available separately).

We have worked with producers and directors such as Ridley Scott, Cameron Macintosh, John Woo, Chris Columbus, Kevin Reynolds and many more.

We have enjoyed success creating soundtracks for feature films, high profile documentaries and dramas, for Fox, Miramax, Buena Vista, Disney, Universal, Warner, BBC1, BBC2, SKY, Channel 4, Five, The Discovery Channel, MTV, and National Geographic Channel, to name but a few.

Film Credits

Snow Queen 4: Mirror Lands(2019) Audio Post Production (Feature Film) Director: Aleksey Tsitsilin

Sheep & Wolves 2: Pig Deal(2019) Audio Post Production (Feature Film) Director: Aleksey Tsitsilin

The Well(2019) Audio Post Production (Feature Film) Director: Misko Massanyi

Dr. Swapher(2019) Audio Post Production & Composition (Feature Film) Director: Arun Kumar

Mafeking(2019) Audio Post Production & Composition (Feature Film) Director: Arun Kumar

Speed Demon(2019) Audio Post Production & Composition (Feature Film) Director: Randy Vampotic

Go West!(2019) Audio Post Production (Feature Film) Director: Alexander Hahn

Blood Red(2019) Audio Post Production & Composition (Feature Film) Director: Anthony Alleyne

The Bridal Party(2019) Audio Post Production (Feature Film) Producer: Christine Chan

The Vicars Wife(2019) Audio Post Production (Feature Film) Producer: Scott Fivelson

Caterkillars(2019) Supervising Sound Editor & Composer (Feature Film) Writer: Paul Grimshaw

Shill (2019) Supervising Sound Editor & Composer (Feature Film) Writer: Paul Grimshaw

Thrice (2019) Audio Post Production (Feature Film) Director: Suri Krishnamma

The Bad Alphabet” (2019) Supervising Sound Editor & Composer (Feature Film) Producer: Paul Grimshaw

G.O.D Tech(2019) Audio Post Production (Feature Film) Director: David John Jeffery

Rupert, Rupert & Rupert(2018) Audio Post Production (Feature Film) Director: Tom Sands

Snow Queen 3: Fire & Ice (2016) Supervising Sound Editor  (Feature Film) Director: Aleksey Tsitsilin

Instant Death(2016) Supervising Sound Editor & Composer (Feature Film) Director: Ara Paiaya

Erasure(2016) Supervising Sound Editor & Composer (Feature Film) Director: Rhys Hayward

Skin Traffik” (2014) Music Supervisor, Composer & Sound Designer (Feature Film) Director: Ara Paiaya

Things To Do Before You’re 30” (2005) Supervising Sound Editor (Feature Film) Director: Simon Shore

“Guy X” (2005) (Foley Mixer)

Tristan and Isolde” (2004) (Crowd ADR and Foley)

Don’t look backDubbing Mixer (2003) Director: Nick Sherwood

Green Light” Dubbing Mixer (2002) Director: Frank Aksoy

Lighthouse Hill” (2002) (ADR Mixer)

Anita and Me” (2002) (Foley Mixer)

One and Only, The” (2002) (ADR Mixer)

Come Together” (2002) (ADR Mixer, Foley Mixer)

E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial” (2002) (sound re-recording mixer) (2002 foreign version)

Sweet Home Alabama” (2002) (sound re-recording mixer) (foreign version)

Tuck Everlasting” (2002) (sound re-recording mixer) (foreign version)

K-9: P.I.” (2002) (V) (sound re-recording mixer) (German version)

Signs” (2002) (sound re-recording mixer) (foreign version)

Reign of Fire” (2002) (sound re-recording mixer) (foreign version)

Frank McKlusky, C.I” (2002) (sound re-recording mixer) (foreign version)

Rookie, The” (2002) (sound re-recording mixer) (foreign version)

Count of Monte Cristo, The” (2002) (foreign version)

Snow Dogs” (2002) (sound re-recording mixer) (foreign version)

Starship Troopers” (1997) (sound re-recording mixer) (2002 foreign version)

Metro” (1997) (sound re-recording mixer) (2002 foreign version)

What’s Love Got to Do with It” (1993) (sound re-recording mixer) (2002 foreign version)

Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey” (1993) (sound re-recording mixer) (2002 foreign version)

Giraffe” (2001) Sound Re-recording Mixer & Supervising Sound Editor  (Feature Film) Director: Tzachi Grad

Giraffe” Dubbing Mixer (2001) Director: Tzachi Grad

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” (2001) (ADR Mixer)

Midsomer Murders” (2001) TV Series (Foley Mixer)

Out Cold” (2001) (sound re-recording mixer) (foreign version)

Bubble Boy” (2001) (sound re-recording mixer) (2002 foreign version)

Princess Diaries, The” (2001) (sound re-recording mixer) (foreign version)

Pearl Harbor” (2001) (sound re-recording mixer) (foreign version)

Kid, The” (2000) (sound re-recording mixer) (2002 foreign version)

Gone in Sixty Seconds” (2000) (sound re-recording mixer) (foreign version)

Keeping the Faith” (2000) (sound re-recording mixer) (foreign version)

Randall & Hopkirk (Deceased)” (2000)TV (Foley Mixer)

Absolute justice” (1998) Supervising Sound Editor, Dubbing Mixer  Director: Arnon Tzadok

Purple Lawns” (1998) Sound Re-recording Mixer & Supervising Sound Editor  Director: Dina Ricklis

Mighty Joe Young” (1998) (sound re-recording mixer) (foreign version)

Whole Generation Demands a Dream” (1997) (Sound Re-recording Mixer & Supervising Sound Editor) Director: Miki Yonati

White night” (1996)  (Supervising Sound Editor, Dubbing Mixer) Director: Arnon Tzadok

In 72′ there was no war” (1995) (Supervising Sound Editor, Dubbing Mixer) Director: David Kriener

In the name of love” (1994) Sound Re-recording Mixer & Supervising Sound Editor (1994) Director: Idit Shchori

Lucky” (Supervising Sound Editor)  Director: Eran Ricklis

Deadly Fortune” Supervising Sound Editor  (13 episodes) Director: Eran Ricklis

The Elixir of Komran” Supervising Sound Editor  Director: Shmuel Imberman

In the name of love” (1994) Dubbing Mixer  Director: Idit Shchori

New Dragon Gate Inn” (1992) (sound re-recording mixer, 5.1 DVD mix)

The story of rickey O” (1991) (sound re-recording mixer, 5.1 DVD mix)

Deceived” (1991) (sound re-recording mixer) (foreign version)

Once a Thief” (1990) (sound re-recording mixer, 5.1 surround DVD mix)

Chinese Ghost Story Part II” (1990) (sound re-recording mixer, 5.1 surround mix)

Swordsman” (1990) (sound re-recording mixer, 5.1 DVD mix)

The Killer (1989) (sound re-recording mixer, 5.1 DVD mix)

Innocent Man, An” (1989) (sound re-recording mixer) (foreign version)

Flaming Brothers” (1987) (sound re-recording mixer, 5.1 DVD mix)

Good Morning, Vietnam” (1987) (sound re-recording mixer)

Three Men and a Baby” (1987) (sound re-recording mixer)

Peking Opera Blues” (1986) (sound re-recording mixer, 5.1 DVD mix)

Yes Madamme” (1985) (sound re-recording mixer, 5.1 DVD mix)

The Prodigal son” (1981) (sound re-recording mixer, 5.1 DVD mix)

The Young Master” (1980) (sound re-recording mixer, 5.1 DVD mix)

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Sefi Carmel is an artist of sound. A person who truly knows his craft and is able through the sound design to capture the essence and the heart of a film. His integrity and commitment to projects is second to none whilst his deep knowledge and understanding of sound makes his work masterpieces. Sefi is a humble and enjoyable person to work closely with and I would hope to work with him on my future projects as he won 2 awards for the work he did on Ahlaam. A true maverick in Sound Design. hpglogo-196-human-logo
Mohamed El Daradji - Director – Human Films
Sefi Carmel – the most intelligent pair of ears around. keshet.logo_
Y. London - Director – Keshet TV
As a producer, I have had the privilege of working with Sefi Carmel in the role of Sound supervisor for the past four years. Throughout this time we have worked on a number of projects, both live and pre recorded. I have found Sefi to be diligent to the extreme, with a willingness to work long and irregular hours whilst ensuring precise attention to detail. His creativity knows no bounds and his ability to work within programme briefs and budgets should be commended. Sefi’s diplomacy, strong leadership and excellent communication skills ensure that work is completed logically and on time. He has also demonstrated an extensive knowledge of equipment and emergingtechnologies, which have helped maintain the highest broadcast standards and proven invaluable in emergency situations.If you need a Sound Supervisor, who is eminently capable, a pleasure to work with and a creative tour de force – then Sefi Carmel should be your first call. sky3
Aisling Collins - Producer – Sky TV

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