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Film & TV Music Credits (Composition & Production)

Blood Red” (2020) (Feature Film) Director: Anthony Alleyne

Dr Swapher” (2020) (Feature Film) Director: Arun Kumar

Caterkillars” (2020) (Feature Film) Producer: Paul Grimshaw

Mafeking” (2020) (Feature Film) Director: Arun Kumar

Speed Demon” (2020) (Feature Film) Director: Randy Vampotic

Shill” (2020) (Feature Film) Producer: Paul Grimshaw

The Bad Alphabet” (2020) (Feature Film) Producer: Paul Grimshaw

The Potters” (2020) (Feature Film) Producer: Jennifer Clary

Health, Wealth & Happiness” (2017) (3 Short Films) Director: Nic Alderton

Instant Death” (2016) (Feature Film) Director: Ara Paiaya

Erasure” (2016) (Feature Film) Director: Rhys Hayward

Skin Traffik” (2015) (Feature Film) Director: Ara Paiaya

Another World” (2015) (Feature Film) Director: Eitan Reuven

Weird Connections” (2008) (20 X 30 min for Discovery US)

The Shadow” (2008) (Feature Film) Director: Steve Rehman

The Dream” (2007) (Feature Film) Director: Mo El Daradji

Gentrification” (2006) (6X30 min) for UK TV Gold

Heaven Or Hell” (2006) (6X30 min) for Channel 4

Tricky Business” (2005), Director: Chris Webster (6X30 min) for Channel 4

Violent Magic” (2004), Director: Anna Gravelle (1hr) for the BBC

Close up Magic” (2004), Director: David Hutt (1hr) for the BBC

Dangerous Magic” (2004), Director: Steve Cole (1hr) for the BBC

Levitation” (2004), Director: Graham Strong(1hr) for the BBC

The Science of Magic” (2004), Director: Johnny Young for the BBC

Mind Magic” (2004), Director: Kerry Richardson (1hr) for the BBC

Wildlife On One” (2004) – Monitor Lizards  For the BBC

Meeting Nelson Mandela” (2003) A special for Mtv Broadcast world wide.

Ecstasies 2002 “Holy Fire” director: Shuki Sayag for the National Geographic channel

Ecstasies 2002 “Kissing The Virgin” director: Shuki Sayag for Nat Geo

Ecstasies 2002 “True Joy” director: Shuki Sayag for Nat Geo

Ecstasies 2002 “Sumaritan Feast” director: Shuki Sayag for Nat Geo

Ecstasies 2002 “Ethiopian Church” director: Shuki Sayag for Nat Geo

Ecstasies 2002 “Night of Meron Mountain”director: Shuki Sayag for Nat Geo

Journey to Jerusalem” (2000) (52min), director: Noam Shalev for Nat Geo

Eurovision Song Contest, The (1999) (TV)

(Music for animated Short films) 23 minutes of original music for the 1999 Eurovision Song Contest.

The Square, The Circle And The Triangle” (1998), director : Yaron London

The Mountain Tip” (1998), director : Yaron London

Missing Present” (1998), director : Yaron London

Um El Phachem” (1998), director : Yaron London

The Fat Man With the Sony” (1998), director : Yaron London

Yad Vashem” (1998), director : Yaron London

Hertzel Mountain” (1998), director : Yaron London

Avenues” (1998), director : Yaron London

Tank Drill” (1998), director : Yaron London

Islam” (1998), director : Yaron London

Holy Wars” (1998) director : Yaron London

From Babylon to Jerusalem” (1998), director : Amit Goren

Alone in the Sky” (1998), director: Uri Bureda

The tip of the shoe” (1999) (a series of 5 Films), director: YaronLondon

Earth Quake” (1997) (50 min), director: Ido Sela

+ Hundreds of Commercials and promo’s in 5.1 surround and stereo Including BMW, Mercedes, UK Post Office, Coca Cola, Samsung, and many more.

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