National Theatre: Treasure Island. Mutiny, Mystery and Murder!
by on December 6, 2014 in Studio News

The National theatre’s annual family friendly Christmas epic is now showing at the inspiring Oliver Theatre in South Bank. Running from the 3rd of December up until the 8th of April 2015.

Robert Louis Stevensons story of mutiny, mystery and money is brought to life on the Olivier stage in a thrilling new adaptation by Bryony Lavery.

‘Treasure Island’ is one of the most dramatised novels ever and with Bryony Lavery commissioned to adapt the piece, audiences can look forward to a breath-taking evening of swashbuckling adventure.

Alongside the performances at the Oliver theatre, there will be a live broadcast of Treasure Island in over 1,100 venues across the world on Thursday the 22nd January.

The thrilling Christmas epic show is accompanied by an equally pulse racing trailer, currently being screened worldwide, with motion graphics created by Peter Allinson and Chiara Zonca at Steam Motion and Sound. The music fro the trailer was composed by Sefi at Soundtrack Creation and mixed in 5.1 for cinema, also at Steam Motion And Sound.

With many shows already sold out at the Oliver theatre we expect the live global screening to be a huge success.

Check out the trailer here: National Theatre: Treasure Island trailer

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