Sound For Documentaries Lecture – Edinburgh Napier University
by on March 11, 2015 in Studio News

It has been an educational beginning to the year here at Soundtrack Creation.

We have recently shot an in-depth guest lecture delivered by Sefi, titled ‘Sound for Documentaries’ for Edinburgh Napier University. The Lecture draws on Sefi’s many years of experience in the field (working on over 100 documentaries) and provides a detailed insight into the various topics to be considered when creating soundtracks for documentaries.

The lecture sees the following topics covered:
– An introduction and definition of sound for documentaries.
– The ethics of documentary filmmaking and how it impacts on the sound designer.
– Examples of how to enhance the picture with creative sound design.
– Tips and tricks on delivering aesthetically pleasing and intelligible dialogue.
– How Layers in the Soundtrack each tell their own story.
– Choosing a voice over artist and their suitability for the documentary.
– Diegetic and non-diegetic music and how it supports the picture.
– Mixing strategies and techniques on ducking dialogue.
– Sound effects and their differing purposes.
– An explanation of delivery formats and their relevant destinations.
– Loudness Standards and guidelines.
– Deliverables and Quality Control.

To view the lecture, please visit the video here: Sound for Documentaries

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