Artesian – Bacardi Commercial Now Released!
by on May 12, 2015 in Studio News

We are delighted to announce Soundtrack Creations involvement in the recently released commercial for Artesian bar sponsored by Bacardi. Housed within the Langham hotel, the award-winning Artesian bar has held the official title of ‘the worlds best bar’ for the past three years.

Directing the commercial was the 2014 OMVF award-winning Sakari Lerkannen, whose clients include Sony, Axe, Virgin and Panda. Also working on the project was the highly talented director of photography Marek Mysicka who has worked for the likes of Dunhill, Adidas, Harvey Nichols, Farfetch, Expedia and many more.

All of the original music and sound design for the commercial was created by Sefi at Soundtrack Creation and then mixed in 5.1 for release.

Having worked closely with Sefi on the commercial, Sakari has shared some very kind words:

“Sefi lives sound. The key elements Sefi uses are harmony, feeling and quality of sound, supported by high technical knowledge and experience. Sefi is very reliable and working with him is always a fast yet peaceful experience. His kindness and good sense of humour brings atmosphere to even the coldest of studios.”

Check out the commercial here: Artesian – Bacardi

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