‘Childhood Dreams’ by Marc Gatsby & Indigo Released by UMG
by on March 16, 2016 in Studio News

Here at Soundtrack Creation, we are incredibly proud to announce the release of the gripping duet ‘Childhood Dreams’ by Marc Gatsby & Indigo, released by Universal Music Group (UMG). We were honoured to mix and master the beautiful song here at Soundtrack Creation to prepare and polish the music for international release on TV, radio and digital download.

The song is inspired by the true story of two children who fled a war, crossing the entire African continent to do so. The moving and timely release features the vocal talents of Marc Gatsby along with ten-year-old Indigo Salvador, one of the most recognisable finalists from the television show, The Voice. UMG’s latest production delves deep into the moving subject of translocation which is sure to stir the deepest feelings of any listener. In the following words Marc Gatsby describes the motivating factor behind Childhood Dreams, “Childhood Dreams was a spontaneous and profound reaction of solidarity which goes beyond any religions, cultures and borders.”

The impressive accompanying video captivates from its opening shot, conveying the innocence of the experiences of a girl, performed by Indigo. Filmed on the beautiful island of Menorca, Spain, the video also features singer-songwriter Marc Gatsby whose performance emphasises the drama and suffering of the more than 60 million people worldwide who, in similar situations, suffer on a daily basis.

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