Sound Design at Soundtrack Creation
by on October 12, 2016 in Studio News

With the work for ‘Snow Queen 3: Fire And Ice’ well underway, we’ve been taking the opportunity to expand our library by recording and producing a collection of bespoke effects and sound design for the upcoming family adventure film. Not to give away any spoilers, we’ve been recording a whole host of fire and ice sounds and textures, ranging from roaring lava pits to icy screeches and scrapes. With the film gearing up to be the epic return of ‘Gerda’ and friends, the team are really excited to be working on the production and look forward to unleashing our seismic 5.1 surround mix upon the Snow Queen franchise.

Alongside our work on ‘Snow Queen 3: Fire And Ice’ over the summer, we’ve been travelling around Europe and recording more Soundtrack Creation ambience collections to add to the product line over at Sonniss. Featuring everything from Trams, Boats, Bikes, Trains, Cars and Bars recorded in immersive 5.1 surround, we’ve captured the essence of iconic european city destinations in fine detail and exceptional sonic quality with every location recorded and shipped as full 24 bit/96khz files. Our previous pack the ‘London Ambience Collection’ has quickly made its way into many film, tv, radio and online multimedia productions, so we aim to continue the success and scope of the Soundtrack Creation ambience collections with these new location packs, set for release next year.

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