Snow Queen 3: Fire & Ice Almost Ready!
by on November 20, 2016 in Studio News

We have been working hard for over seven months on the fantastic family adventure feature film Snow Queen 3: Fire & Ice and it’s now almost coming to an end. This week the team were at Point 1 Post – a high end audio post-production studio that is at the cutting edge of the industry. With a 45 speaker Dolby Atmos system we can safely say this room sounds amazing!

Thankfully we are in a very good place with the film so far so we could sit back, dim the lights and watch the film in all its glory. And having watched it through in this studio we are very happy with the results. The purpose of this day at Point 1 Post was to watch the film with the director and two producers with us to make sure that they are happy with how the film is sounding and then have a discussion about the next stages of the process. The final mix will take place next week and it will be a great feeling to see/hear all our work come together.


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