Cello Recordings at Soundtrack Creation
by on December 8, 2016 in Studio News

Winter is upon us and at Soundtrack Creation we are working harder than ever on some really fascinating projects that the team here are getting excited about. Amongst working with a host of very talented artists all over the globe to produce, mix and master some amazing music, we have had the pleasure of working with one of the top musicians in the U.K. Richard Harwood is a renowned cellist who over his career has worked with some of the best musicians, conductors, composers and played in just about every major music venue you care to think of.
We brought him into the studio to record cello parts for a wealth of original film music composed by Sefi Carmel. What started out as an idea to record cello for around 10 pieces of music turned into two mammoth recording sessions where Richard very diligently laid down multiple cello parts for nearly 30 pieces of music! The team here were left in awe at the beauty and virtuosity of the cellist, who has breathed new life into these compositions, which were already moving, engaging and thoroughly epic in their own right.
On reflection we can note that nothing can beat the ‘real mccoy’ so to speak, a player with years of experience and passion can add something that so much music nowadays (especially film music) is missing. Composing to picture is something which is taken very seriously here at Soundtrack Creation and every project is given the same amount of dedication, passion and emotion.

See our composition credits and playlist here.

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