Snow Queen 3: Fire & Ice Released!
by on January 11, 2017 in Studio News

After much blood, sweat and tears the winter family adventure feature film Snow Queen 3: Fire & Ice has been released! On the 29th December the film was shown for the first time all across Russia, Poland, Croatia, Romania, Latvia and Estonia. And that’s not all, there are soon to be releases all over the globe for this franchise which is rapidly gaining support worldwide, as Wizart Animation’s General Producer Yuri Moskvin states:

“The first two movies of The Snow Queen animated franchise had a great travel all over the world. The third movie will be released in most Eastern European countries, right at the same time: in Croatia, Romania, Poland and the Baltic states. At the beginning of 2017, there will be releases in Korea, Bulgaria, Turkey and countries of the Middle East. This shows how much our foreign partners trust Wizart – the rights for the animated movie had been selling on the early stage of the production already; the simultaneous release and special promotional activities during the theatrical distribution period have been helping us with promotion a lot. It’s true that the Russian animation credibility is growing every year.”

The spellbinding animation has even been screened in Antarctica, keeping up with the tradition Wizart has of screening the franchise on the oldest Russian Antarctic station named ‘Mirny’. Snow Queen 3: Fire & Ice is also the biggest Russian animation of the year screening in just about every movie theatre in the country.

After almost nine months of hard work providing complete sound design and full mix our work has finally came to an end and the team at Soundtrack Creation couldn’t be happier with the result. Working closely with Wizart Animation was an invaluable experience and we look forward to seeing what’s in store for their next film.

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