Snow Queen 3 to be released in French-speaking countries
by on March 9, 2017 in Studio News

Universal Pictures, KLB and Wizart Animation have announced that Snow Queen 3: Fire & Ice will get a wide cinema release to French-speaking countries for winter 2017/2018. It will be screened in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg and many French-Speaking countries in Africa. The Snow Queen franchise has had previous releases for the home video market but this will be the first Film in the trilogy that will get a cinema release.

The team at Soundtrack Creation are delighted that the film that we worked on to provide immersive sound design and mix will be released to such a wide audience! As Wizart Animation’s CEO Yuri Moskvin has said “It’s a high honor for Wizart to continue cooperation with Universal and to present the new story of Kai and Gerda’s adventures to European viewers”.

It’s great to see that all of our hard work has come together to have a film that can stand alongside some of the best family animation films in the market today. And to see the film doing so well across the world in different countries shows that all that hard work has paid off.

To see more about some of our sound design work at Soundtrack Creation have a look here, where we go behind the scenes to show our work on Snow Queen 3: Fire & Ice and other projects.

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