Soundtrack Creation Sound Library Gaining Attention Worldwide
by on March 5, 2017 in Studio News

Last year Soundtrack Creation released a high-end sound library of surround sound field recordings captured from around London. Designed to be a one-stop package for any sound designer who wishes to quickly find distinctly British (or more specifically London) atmospheres. The library is composed of four individual packs – Streets & Landmarks, Transport, Wining & Dining and Parks.

This library has proven to be popular amongst the sound design community as there has been a steady flow of sales on And we are delighted to learn that the world famous Skywalker Sound is interested in buying ten copies of the library for their use. Skywalker Sound is responsible for some of the most recognised sound design in film history and continues to work on some of the biggest blockbuster films today. So it’s great to see that Skywalker Sound are interested in our library and the team are delighted that the collection of sounds could be used in their upcoming projects.

And there’s more yet to come – the Soundtrack Creation team have been going to international locations to record more high-end sound libraries. We’re currently working on a Barcelona library and an Amsterdam library – all recorded at 96kHz/24bits and in 5.1 surround. We’re sure the new libraries will be a hit with the sound design community and we hope to record more fantastic sound libraries around the world in the future.

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