‘Computer Screen’ – The new single by Michael Forrest has been released!
by on April 22, 2017 in Studio News

The super talented and creative artist Michael Forrest has just released a brand new single from his forthcoming album that we had the pleasure of producing, mixing and mastering here at Soundtrack Creation. The album draws from a wide array of electronic music styles and Michael’s clever word play and quirky view of the world adds up to a unique sound that is infectious. The team here had great fun working on the album, helping Michael to craft his unique sound.

The single ‘Computer Screen’ brilliantly showcases Michael’s production skills and his witty attitude toward to the modern world. Included in the release are three dance remixes of the song that are ready for club play. The ‘Mechanical Techno Remix’ has a fascinating video, which ironically shows that not all music today is created behind a computer screen.

There is a great future ahead for artists like Michael Forrest who push the boundaries of what we would expect from an electronic music artist. The team here at Soundtrack Creation can’t wait for his upcoming release of the album that is sure to dazzle fans with its larger than life sound and humorous take on modern life.

The single ‘Computer Screen’ can be found here, along with Michael’s blog which is jam packed with interesting content and cool music!

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