Three Acts – Feature Film Mix at Soundtrack Creation
by on July 30, 2017 in Studio News

We have had the pleasure of working on the comedy drama feature film directed by Tom Sands ‘Three Acts’. The film was written by Mick Sands and follows an upcoming actor who is constantly undermined by his own split personality disorder. And after finding himself in the lead role of a Broadway production he is forced to take advantage of is darker side to give a convincing performance. The film is both hilarious and quite deep and sombre in some scenes, which makes for an entertaining watch from start to end.

We were tasked with delivering a mix that will give the film a cinema sound that brings the film to life and lets the audience immerse themselves in the storyline. We also contributed to the sound design; complimenting and enhancing Rupert’s split personality throughout the development of the story. Soundtrack Creation’s own ambience libraries also came in handy as we used them throughout the film to add high-quality 5.1 atmospheres which added a great deal of realism to some scenes.

We can’t wait for the release and are looking forward to seeing it on the big screen!

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