Modular Synths at Soundtrack Creation
by on October 25, 2017 in ModulAtmos Studio News

At Soundtrack Creation we take synthesis very seriously! Our huge arsenal of analogue synths ranges over many decades and includes some of the most iconic and sought after synths ever made. And in recent months the arsenal has greatly expanded by delving into the very exciting world of modular synthesisers.

Starting off with the largest beast in the room – the Dotcom synthesiser:

These synths are made very closely to the moog design and sound great! who manufacture them set out to duplicate much of the look and feel of the vintage Moogs while employing up-to-date technology. Our setup has three oscillators, two filters and plenty other cool modules to play around with including two envelope generators, a ring modulator and a slew limiter. All in all it’s a huge beast which stays true to vintage synthesis and is great to get your hands on and make some noise!

Next up it’s the Roland’s System 100

This much loved modular synth from Roland is a go-to synth for many sound designers and composers, including Hans Zimmer, who reportedly has a whopping 58 VCOs on his rig! It has some excellent filters and LFOs which come in very handy!

Next we have the Moog rack:

This includes the Moog Voyager rack – a classic synth with three oscillators, filters, LFO and all features expected of a Moog. Underneath are the CV expanders which allow the Moog to connect to all the other modular gear we have. We then have the MoogerFooger collection of stompboxes, and we have every unit they have made in this range and there are some very interesting units here, including a ring modulator, a moog delay and a phaser.

The beauty of this setup is that it all can connect to each other, allowing for infinite possibilities and endless sounds to be made! With 8 oscillators, 10 envelope generators, 5 LFOs and much more this truly is a modular beast!





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