Happy New Year from Soundtrack Creation!
by on December 31, 2017 in Studio News

As the year comes to an end the team at Soundtrack Creation has been thinking about some of the awesome projects that we have had the pleasure of working on.
Around this time last year we were hearing of the success that Snow Queen 3: Fire & Ice was having in the box office, which we are very proud of and are delighted that all our hard work paid off by captivating audiences with larger than life sound design and an earth-shattering theatrical 5.1 mix. We also heard of the long awaited release of Instant Death, a gritty action packed thriller starring Lou Ferrigno as John Bradley, an ex-special forces veteran who finds himself caught up in London gang warfare. Having completed the original score, sound design and theatrical 5.1 mix for this feature we were thrilled to hear of it’s release.

It wasn’t long after this that we started working with Nic Alderton on his short films ‘Albion Tales’. These three cleverly interlocking stories set in a mysterious London are engaging and exciting. We provided sound design, theatrical 5.1 mix and a score for the trilogy, which made for some astonishingly intense and hair-raising scenes!

Right after this work began on the comedy drama feature film ‘Three Acts’ directed by Tom Sands. The film’s superb writing and creative directing made for an entertaining watch from start to end. We were tasked with providing a mix which gave the film an immersive cinema sound. We also added sound design in scenes to enhance the lead character’s split personality disorder which was a main theme throughout the film.

Another big project at Soundtrack Creation was recording, editing and curating both the Barcelona and Amsterdam city ambience libraries for release on Sonniss.com. For both collections the team at Soundtrack Creation tirelessly navigated the cities to capture high-end recordings ready for use on Film, TV, Games and any media that requires realistic everyday ambiences of the iconic cities.

In the mist of these awesome projects we have been working with artists from all over the world. From mixing and mastering a host of albums, producing & writing for a talented pool of artists and recording some notable singers & musicians. A highlight has been working with executive producer Rainer Regatschnig on the well received album ‘A Tribute to Fred Astaire’ which included recording some well-known singers such as Right said Fred and Kitten and the Hip.

The studios huge arsenal of gear has also expanded with the new arrival of our awesome modular synth beast ‘SCHULTS’, which Christian Henson saw at it’s early stages when Spitfire Audio came to the studio for an episode of Creative Cribs.

With all this and much more happening at Soundtrack Creation in 2017 the team are happy to enjoy the Christmas festivities and are looking forward to 2018 which will be even more jam-packed with great projects!

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