Introducing SCHULTS!
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Soundtrack Creation’s Huge Unbelievably Large Totem Synth – S.C.H.U.L.T.S.

Here at Soundtrack Creation we are always on the lookout for the most modern, innovative and interesting ways to create and manipulate sound. We recently decided it was time to expand our modular system to include some of the cutting edge Euro-Rack modules that bring a whole new world of sounds.

Eurorack differs from all the other modular synths we own, due to the fact it is open source and the modules are built by small independent companies. This means that there are some genuinely innovative, modern and unique modules!

So what can SCHULTS do?
Because of the nature of Euro-Rack modules, when it comes to sound design SCHULTS is the crème de la crème. It allows the team at Soundtrack Creation unparalleled creativity, diversity and expression. Weather we are working on a feature film, online game or a hit song, SCHULTS will be our go-to piece of gear for cutting edge sound design. This is why so many composers, sound designers and music artists use Eurorack gear, including Nine Inch Nails, Junkie XL and Hanz Zimmer.

Designed, sourced and constructed in over a month, the team at Soundtrack Creation are very excited to share the possibilities of this with you! Here are some of the modules featured in SCHULTS:

Eurokorn 16 Step Sequencer Analogue Solution’s sequencer allows the user to sequence a signal turning a linear sound into something alive and moving. There are infinite possibilities with this sequencer as both CV and gate signals can be sequenced.

Zorx Ribbon Controller This innovative module is a CV controller with a touch sensitive ribbon that can control pitch, filter, envelopes and just about every other piece of modular gear we have!

iPad with Osc Touch The additional of the iPad armed with the Osc Touch app allows us to seamlessly control MIDI signals with an XY pad, opening up a new world of possibilities.

iPad with Osc Touch The additional of the iPad armed with the Osc Touch app allows us to seamlessly control MIDI signals with an XY pad, opening up a new world of possibilities.

Mutable Instruments – Warps Warps is capable of warping 2 signals into one. It has 7 different types of modulation, which can be blended together continuously

Turing Machine The turing machine is a way to create chaos and randomness in the cv signals, which can be very useful in creating sequences that shift or controlling filters chaotically etc..

Theremins In addition to some of the truly unique controllers we have, there are also a selection of three theremins which offer an extremely expressive way of modulating, volume, pitch, MIDI, CV and many more signals

Make Noise – Phonogene Based upon legendary Pierre Schaeffer’s invention of the same name, this module is a combination of a granular sampler and a reel to reel tape emulation allowing you to control a sample via vari-speed (forwards and reverse) and splicing, whilst also granularising and looping small ‘genes’ of the sample.

Recovery Effects – Bad Comrade This module is a glitch machine that makes it possible to distort, modulate, glitch, and slice on the fly






Various Stages of building

These are just a few of the many modules that we have decided to include in SCHULTS and believe me, there are many more!
The team at Soundtrack Creation have been having lots of fun with these new pieces of gear and are very excited for what the future holds for SCHULTS. Watch this space!
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