The Worlds First 5.1 Surround Modular Synthesiser!
by on February 11, 2018 in Studio News

Since SHULTSS (Soundtrack-Creation’s-Huge-Unbelievably-Large-Totem-Surround-Synth) was built here at Soundtrack Creation, it has been a major source of inspiration, and a huge creative journey. The modular beast is ever evolving and updating as we keep developing new ideas on how to improve it.

With the addition of some new innovative modules and very clever patch work we have created the WORLDS FIRST true 5.1 modular synth! Now SCHULTSS is capable of outputting an individual oscillator to each speaker (6 speakers in a 5.1 set-up), meaning you are truly surrounded by sound!

Most synths output a mono signal (1 channel), more modern synths may output a stereo signal (2 channels). With recent demands for sound design in surround sound, 5.1 synths have been developed. However to my knowledge no synth has been created configured with such detailed control over the 5.1 aspect, where for example specific sounds can be panned across any of the 5 speakers. In addition we have routed all of this through a dbx sub harmonic synthesiser for a floor shaking LFE channel.

This means that there can be one sound coming out of the left speaker and another totally separate sound coming out of the right speaker. And we can have this 5 times over! With all these sounds happening in each speaker it could become overwhelming, which is why we have acquired some really interesting modules which allow for all of these signals to be controlled as one, such as the 5.1 Hex linear VCA which can bring together the palette of synths into a cohesive sound.

As we’re concerned with usability and intuitiveness at Soundtrack Creation we have managed to bring all this together so that all this can be quickly and easily recorded straight to a single 5.1 file.

We’re really excited as to what’s in store for the future of synthesis and sound design here at Soundtrack Creation, and we can’t wait for you to hear what it is capable of!

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