Soundtrack Creation Has Begun Work on Snow Queen 4!
by on March 11, 2018 in Studio News

Soundtrack Creation is thrilled to be working on the animated adventure feature film Snow Queen 4, which is the latest in the story on the ongoing saga of characters Gerda & Kai. After the success of Snow Queen 3: Fire & Ice that Soundtrack Creation provided earth-shattering sound design and mix for and played in cinemas all over the globe, this latest film is set to captivate it’s audience with stunning animation and funny characters that both children and parents will love!

Soundtrack Creation is aiming to go above and beyond on the sound design and mix to deliver an overall captivating experience for the audience. We are getting creative here by creating or own sampler instruments and thinking out of the box for the foley and special effects.

With Cannes Film Festival just around the corner, where the film will be have a preview screening, we’re in full swing to deliver a experience that viewers won’t forget in a hurry!

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