Mega Crab Released!
by on April 11, 2018 in Studio News

We have had the pleasure of working once again with our friends at Waste Creative on a trailer for the well-known game ‘Boom Beach’ from the leading mobile game developer Supercell, who are responsible for some of the most popular games in the App Store such as Clash of Clans, Boom Beach, and Clash Royale.

The trailer announces the return of the menacing boss character ‘Mega Crab’ which has made appearances throughout the online game. This epic trailer was a joy to work on, with great evocative, powerful imagery to work with. We were given a great deal of creative freedom when carrying out the original music, sound design and mix. Sound design for the ‘Mega Crab’ creature sounds was especially enjoyable, using subtle underwater submarine sounds along with screeching metal and trains slamming together!

The video production team at Waste Creative printed out every frame of the video and then stop-motion filmed each frame to create the interesting texture that can be seen throughout.

It was a pleasure to work with both Waste Creative and Supercell on this exhilarating trailer and to see it’s release has been received well, with over 130k views on YouTube already!

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