10 Tips for Mixing in Surround Sound – Tip 1
by on July 12, 2019 in Tutorials

In this series, Sefi will be talking about the main differences between mixing stereo and mixing 5.1!

There’s a fundamental difference in mixing music in stereo and mixing music in surround sound. In the past, I’ve mixed music for radio, TV broadcast and CD album releases for artists like David Bowie, Massive Attack, Bruno Mars, Phil Collins and Michael Buble.

Dynamics and Headroom

When mixing in surround sound your mixes can be far more dynamic. There’s no loudness war. Your song isn’t going to be juxtaposed with another song on the radio so you’re not looking for it to be compressed and limited.

Enjoy the fact that we’re recording and mixing in 24-bit! It can be dynamic. It can be soft and explosions can be loud and big.

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