Studio One is now 7.1 ready
by on July 14, 2019 in Studio News

After the gloom that is the English winter, we thought we’d treat ourselves to some new toys. So…

We’ve gone 7.1!

Soundtrack Creation’s Studio 1 is now fully equipped with a full 7.1 monitoring system! A combination of Genelec loudspeakers and Tascams DSM7.1 controller now lean towards a much more immersive experience and we’re excited to start mixing in this new format.

We now offer a full theatrical 7.1 mixing service for feature films, cinema commercials and trailers. It’s also a great stepping-stone as we have an atmos system being installed in the near future (more info on that coming soon).

We’ll follow this blog with a review of the Tascam DSM7.1 and a little bit on how to set up a room for 7.1 playback!

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