Mixing in Surround Sound – Low End
by on August 30, 2019 in Tutorials

What’s that rumble? It must be Sefi explaining a bit about Low-End! In this edition of mixing for surround sound, we’re going to be focusing on the 20 – 120 Hz range!

Low End

When we’re mixing 5.1, we have the whole spectrum between 20 Hz and 120hz of subharmonics that is more or less non-existent in the stereo mix. This is a part of the spectrum that can give us the size and add an awesome, chest rumbling cinematic effect.

Now, in order to mix and shape this part of the spectrum in the studio, we have a fantastic DBX 120 subharmonic synthesizer that will create an octave below the initial fundamental of a source if it doesn’t originally have that bass we can give it that size using the DBX.

If you don’t have a DBX subharmonic synthesizer you can get low-ender which is a plug-in representation of that or the fantastic low air by waves!

DBX now offer their subharmonic synth in an adorable 500 series size. Perfect fit for any studio!

Make sure to follow us for the next entry of this blog where we’ll be looking at another mixing in surround sound tutorial! Until then you can catch up with the last post about The Centre Speaker!

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