Arturia Matrix Brute
by on September 17, 2019 in ModulAtmos

Arturia Matrix Brute – The synth to end all synths?

Arturia have a longstanding reputation of making incredible software and hardware. From the emulations of classic synths such as the MiniMoog, Yamaha DX7 and even the CMI V to original hardware synths such as the micro and mini brute and drum machines such as the drum brute! All of their hardware packs a punch with deep and powerful sound generation. There’s a reason they all have brute in the name!

But there’s one synth that stands above them all and that’s Arturia’s flagship model “MatrixBrute”. You don’t even need to plug it in to be impressed by it. It’s large body (fully encased in a beautiful metal and walnut enclosure) and the myriad of buttons and knobs create an impressive piece of kit.

The centrepiece of this synth is what really steals the show though. A massive matrix of buttons which allows you to map different parameters to each other in as many configurations as you can think of! With multiple CV out ports on the back, it’s also an amazing controller for your modular synths…which is what we’re most looking forward to using it with!

Arturia, give yourselves a pat on the back!

A sideshot of the Arturia Matrixbrute bathed in neon light.

We’ll be bringing you more content centred around this awesome bit of kit but for the meantime make sure to check out our modular synth and a mini-series on mixing for surround sound!

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