Mixing in Surround Sound – Folddowns
by on September 20, 2019 in Tutorials

As we reach the end of series on mixing for surround sound, we’re going to be looking at the final stages that your mix will need to go through before it makes it onto the big screen! This week, Sefi talks you through…

Fold-downs and Backwards Compatibility

It’s important to take into account that our beautiful 5.1 mixes might be folded down to a stereo mix at some stage say for TV broadcast. Now that’s fine it’s just important to take into account how these fold-downs work.

For example, it’s important to note that the surrounds will be reduced in level by 3 DB the centre will be reduced to level by 3 DB and the LFE might be reduced in level from 5 to 10 DB


As well as stereo fold downs It’s important to know what Surround Sound formats you’re working with. You could be working in Dolby Digital, ITU or DTS, It’s important to choose a format, stick to it and label your tracks properly.

So that just about sums up this mini-series on mixing for surround sound! We hope you found it useful! If you’ve missed any then you can read the last post here!

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