Mixing in Surround Sound – Reverbs and Delays
by on September 13, 2019 in Tutorials

We’ve already talked about the ability 5.1 gives you in creating a 3D enviroment but how to properly utilise it? Well, Sefi has a few techniques which can create depth, space and interest in our mix.

Reverbs and Delays

Reverbs and delays at great tools to create a real feeling of surround and expanse in our 5.1 Mixes.

One cool trick is to use a four tap delay using 8th note relate to the left a quarter to the right a dotted quarter to the left surround and 2 quarters or a half to the right surround getting a tap tap tap tap sort of delay effect where the instrument will feel like it’s surrounding us that would sound lovely on an acoustic guitar that would sound amazing on strings and would really give size to a mix.

Another cool trick to use when mixing in 5.1 would be to apply a say large Hall to the front speakers and the same reverb to the back speakers just changing the parameters slightly so that the front reverb and the background of are uncorrelated and what that would give us would be the feeling of a surround reverb even if we don’t have a surround reverb plug-in at our disposal.

Altiverb is an industry-standard reverb. Watch this video to see Spitfire Audio do a shootout of some of the best reverbs on the market today!

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