Moog Clones – Are they worth it?
by on September 24, 2019 in ModulAtmos

Whilst we are a long way off from cloning ourselves (or are we…) one thing we can clone is our music equipment! People have been copying and making cheaper version’s of instruments for a while but one of the most exciting areas for us is the cloning of synthesisers! With Behringer really taking the lead with this over the last year or two with the Model D (Boog – we’ll have more on this coming soon) the Behringer Odyessy and the most recent announcement the KS-20! However, there are many more brands that have a similar model of production! In this blog, we’re going to be looking at Sefi’s Moog Clone which makes up a sizeable chunk of the Modular Synth here at Soundtrack Creation!

Called the Dotcom or Studio 22 and made by, this beast is modelled of off Moog systems and uses their 5U rack format but at a (slightly) more affordable price. When it comes to the sound this thing generates its about as close to a Moog as possible and delivers a beautiful, warm sound. One could argue that it’s even more usable than a vintage Moog system due to it having a midi interface to allow for you to easily transmit data from your computer rather than having to worry about converting to CV.

We’ll be back with some more Moog clones later on but for now you should check out our blog about Arturias Matrix Brute!

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