Brain Jam: A Modular Experiment
by on April 14, 2020 in ModulAtmos

With the world in lockdown, what better time to delve into the hitherto unexplored realm of creating music using only your brain! Sefi has been sowing the seeds for this one for a while, and with the world at a standstill, he’s finally had the time to put his ideas to the test… 

So, how does it work? Great question. A bluetooth headset tracks Sefi’s brain activity, essentially outputting an EEG, which is then transmitted to the Brainterface (an incredible tool made by Sound Machines). This signal, in turn, modulates the control voltages across Sefi’s immense collection of modular synthesisers. The modular can be patched so that these control voltages affect attributes such as the filter, pitch, or almost anything else you like. 

Perhaps the hardest part of all is keeping your mind under control in order to actively modulate your brain activity – this is not one for the easily distracted! Sefi must practise meditation daily to develop sufficient control over his thoughts and emotions, thus allowing him to control the low alpha waves that his brain emits. 

Ok, that might have all sounded a little crazy. But this thing really works, and the possibilities are endless! Check out the results for yourself: 

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