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Hi Limber De Coco! Tell us a little about yourself?

LDC is a project born in spring 2020, during confinement in France. In March, everything stopped. Travel too. I am in love and passionate about Latin America. I wanted to travel with music, and I started to compose songs. Quickly, I invited friends to play such as Ricardo in Mexico (guitars) and Rafik in Morocco (percussion). Nathalie, the singer, is based in Bogota, Colombia. She is the one who writes the texts. And for the final sound design, you! The famous Sefi Carmel in London (UK). And it gives exactly what I wanted to produce.

How did you first get into music?

I fell into it 😂 My grandfather is a trumpeter at the Bordeaux Opera. My mom played the piano. Quickly, I learned to play the piano and entered the conservatory in drums class. I was very young. When I was 13, I started my first rock band.

What do you feel has been your breakthrough moment as an artist?

In the early 2000s, during a concert, I was able to approach the music industry. At that time, I did a lot of concerts, recording sessions. I was signed to the record company … but the songs never released. So… That day, I wanted to work and compose for different projects. But also to no longer be on the front of the stage. Never ask me my name 😂😂😂 I’m only Philippe.

Have have you got a favourite ‘up and coming’ artist currently?

Yes. In Latin music / reggaeton, I am a real fan of Danna Paola.

Latin American music has had a huge surge in popularity recently, why do you think that is?

At the beginning, I think it’s a social consequence: just like rap or hip hop, this music was a form of expression for the youth of Latin America. It was rap in Spanish, born in Panama or Puerto Rico depending on the opinion. Then it became sexy, sunny and festive music. Very sexy, with the perreo. Perreo is a South American style of dance, very sensual and provocative, from the world of reggaeton. I believe that this gave the popularity of this music in those countries where seduction is a common game. In Europe, however, Reggaetón has never reached the popularity it has achieved in America even if occasionally, some hits are doing well.

You’ve had a couple of releases this year, can you tell us how those went?

The 1st single (Sigue El Paso) was released in August 2020. And ‘Minifalda’, the very last one, has just been released. At first, it’s difficult to build a community of fans. It is important to contact curators to be added to playlists. It is important to be listened to. Since then, things have been going well. There is a song, ‘Mañana’, which performed very well at the start of the year on streaming platforms and on Youtube. Step by step, the community is growing.

We’ve worked together on a few tracks now, have you enjoyed the experience? (I know I have!)

Oh yes! Really. It’s a great experience. I had a pretty good idea of the final sound I wanted. With a powerful kick, sharp drums and percussion, a generous bass … The vocals require specific treatment in this style of music, sometimes with a lot of effects, and at the same time a lot of presence. It’s a real job as a designer. What’s great is being able to give all the information. And you understand right away. You take care of the stems, find the space and the depth of the song. Every time you send me the final mix, I say to myself: wow! That’s exactly what I wanted. It’s a chance to work with you.

When writing a song, is there something you like to start with, such as a melody or specific instrument?

It depends. Usually I write a melody line just playing a guitar. When it’s finished, I work on the production of the song. I build the instruments, look for some original samples too (like for example, the Mexican trumpets on the last song). This is the case of songs like “Solo Tu Y Yo”, “Minifalda” which has just been released, or “Besame Ya” which will be released next September. But sometimes, I start with a rhythm with a guitar, I create an atmosphere. Reggaeton has a bit of a repetitive construction. It is important to find the right progression of the song. At the end, for all the songs, I play the melody on the piano so that Nathalie can write the lyrics and record her voice.

What exciting plans have you got for 2021?

‘Minifalda’ is the last song of the 1st EP (which includes 6 tracks). So it’s the production of songs for the next EP. At the beginning of September, ‘Besame Ya’ (which you mixed and mastered too!) Will be the first song. We are working on the video clip which is made in Cancun, Mexico. Then at the end of November, ‘Mala Fama’ will also be released. Do you know it? You mixed it too

This second EP should allow, I hope, to accelerate the discovery of Limber De Coco. Thank you for helping me!

Check out their NEW music video for Minifalda below!

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