Dune and the Audio History of Cinema
by on January 10, 2022 in Uncategorized

Have you seen the incredible new Sci-fi/Adventure hit ‘Dune’ yet? Sefi and the team thoroughly enjoyed watching this magnificent audio-visual spectacle that tells the exciting story of Paul Atreides.

The combination of Hans Zimmer’s original score and Mark A. Mangini and Theo Green’s sound design is an excellent example of ‘the integrated soundtrack’ successfully functioning as a narrative liaison between the director and the audience. The combination of a rich yet ambiguous, otherworldly score and sound design that feels somewhat familiar creates a wonderful sonic world that we, the audience, could and should appreciate solely in its own existence.

To read more, follow the link below to check out Sefi’s deep dive in to Dune and the audio history of cinema in this all new article featured on the Raindance website.


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