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Today on the Artist Spotlight, we’re showcasing the fantastic work of Hong Kong based musician Tony Huen alongside his talented band ‘Pandora’. Sefi had the pleasure of mixing Pandora’s song ‘Sunshine’ back in May 2020 and has since recently worked on a brand-new mix/master for Pandora’s anticipated release ‘風月’. Just last week, we saw Pandora’s new song reach number 4 on 903 Radio Hong Kong and number 3 on RTHK Radio.

Hi Tony, please tell us a little about yourself and how your band ‘Pandora’ was formed

‘My name is Tony Huen, I’m a song writer and a session guitarist from Hong Kong and I have a band called “Pandora”. We have published two albums which is “The Opening” and “Ain’t Stopping”. We formed the band in 2010 and have performed on TV shows and the radio since 2019. Pandora was originally formed for a talent show at school – soon after graduation we decided to become professional musicians.’

Why do you write/produce music and what inspires your creative process?

‘I use music to create feelings. Most of my songs are inspired by things around me. I enjoy writing R&B/ Rock/ Pop songs but when I was young, I used to listen to heavy rock/ metal music. I would say that I like playing metal riffs on the guitar and I was self-taught most of the time. After that, I started learning different kinds of music production and became a song writer for different artists and a producer for my band. Song writing is always the fun part of the production process, it’s like a tool to remember the feelings and a stress relief.’

Do you have any key influences that have particularly shaped your sound?

‘I love listening to R&B music these years, which I guess has the greatest impact on my song writing. I also enjoy rhythmic songs and would say Bruno Mars & The Weekend inspired me a lot recently. My band produced pop rock songs for the last two albums and the upcoming songs are all between the R&B and Rock genre. We really enjoy groovy songs and want to bring that “pulse” to the audience.’

What can we expect from Pandora in the future?

‘My band is currently working on our third album, and it’s totally different from the past two. It’s experimental and we can’t wait to introduce this album to you all.’

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