PODCAST – Sefi Carmel Featured on Episode 20 of The Idle Hands Society Podcast
by on April 4, 2022 in Uncategorized

Throwing it back to July 2021, last year Sefi spoke with Dan Higginson on episode 20 of The Idle Hands Society Podcast, about all things music.

In this episode, host Dan Higginson discusses with Sefi how he works with Dolby Atmos and the future of mixing music, his start in the industry, telling a story through sound, our mutual love of Blade Runner, coping with imposter syndrome, controlling synthesisers using only your brain waves, the changes he had to make due to pandemic, why Sefi believes composers, sound designers, musicians and voice actors will tend to work remotely in the future, and why we shouldn’t worry about the proliferation of rubbish art because of the internet.

Check out the full episode here: https://idlehandssociety.com/pod/020-sefi-carmel

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