ALBUM RELEASE – ‘Let’s Go to the MOVIES!’ – In Dolby Atmos
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Sefi’s brand new album ‘Let’s Go to the MOVIES!’ is now available on all streaming platforms and on Apple Music in Dolby Atmos!

Described as a 14-track treasure trove of musical collaboration by Music News, this high octane, thrilling album showcases what trailer music is all about. Sefi found himself collaborating with some fantastic world class musicians from across the globe including vocalists Hannah Pedley and Gani Tamir, violinist Roberto Mannes and California rapper King Joseph.

Sefi Carmel, artist, producer and composer says: “Have you ever wondered why trailers compel you so deeply to watch a movie or play a game? A lot of it lies in the music. I wanted to create an album that’s as energising as it is enjoyable while simultaneously working with some of the world’s greatest musical talent to enhance my own music. The result is this unique, collaborative new offering, Let’s Go to the Movies!. With Posthaste’s incredible track record of music distribution worldwide I can’t wait to release the album and see what audience’s make of the new sound.”

Chris Noxx, Director, Posthaste Music comments: “Sefi brings an incredible diversity of creativity and range to this album, his high-end technical approach to each mix adds a level of outstanding sonic punch to each composition and showcases his ability to evolve and elevate trends. I’m extremely pleased to be working with him on this outstanding project with Posthaste Music.”

Listen to the full album now on Spotify

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