Introducing the worlds first ever Modular Synthesiser in Dolby Atmos

It all started with SCHULTZ. A beast of a modular synthesiser that contained over 8 oscilators, 10 filters and enough effects to warp and distort your sound into oblivion. With Studio Ones new DOLBY ATMOS capabilities, SCHULTZ has seen a new path emerge and is now venturing in immersive formats.

With constant upgrades being added and news ways of controlling sound be implemented, we would like for you to join us on our adventure into the realms of control voltage.

Check out our kit list, browse through some of the photos or read about what we get up to on our modular synth blog!


Studio Electronics Quadnic – Doepfer A1101 (x2) – Make Noise DPO

Mutable Instruments Plaits – Waldorf NW1 – APC Synth Rotek

Elements Modular Synthesiser


Doepfer A127 CVRF – Doepfer A106 5 SEM – Doepfer A124 VCF5 Wasp Filter

Polivoks VCF – Celemark Multimode Filter


Doepfer A138 Mixer (x3) – Doepfer A138 Matrix Mixer – Pittsburgh Mixer (x3)

Analog Systems MX61 Mixer (x2) – ED702 Synth a Scope – Linux Linear Moxer

Frames – Make Noise Remix – Doepfer A1891 pan (x2) – A136 dis Waveshaper

Doepfer A1891 VBM – Doepfer AQ322 QVCA – Doepfer A138C PMix

Doepfer A138 Mixer – Mutable Instruments Tides – Erica Synth WoggleBuv

Make Noise Maths – Doepfer A1432 Quad ADSR – Vernoma Four Mulator

MISC pt.2

Divine CMOS – Analog Systems Processor RS35n – Doepfer A119 ext in

Sismos VGA – LZX Passage – Analog Systems SHNZ – Uzeus Turing Machine

Noise Toast – CV Arpegiator

A sideshot of the Arturia Matrixbrute bathed in neon light.
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