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Feature films and Drama:

“Erasure” (2016) (Feature Film) Director: Rhys Hayward

“The Bad Alphabet” (2016) (Feature Film) Producer: Paul Grimshaw

“Skin Traffik” – (2014) (Feature Film) Director: Ara Paiaya

“Things To Do Before You’re 30” director: Simon Shore

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“Giraffe”, director: Tzachi Grad

“Absolute justice”, director: Arnon Tzadok

“In the name of love”, director: Idit Shchori

“In 72′ there was no war” director: David kriener

“White night “, director: Arnon Tzadok

“Purple Lawns”, director: Dina Ricklis

“Lucky” director: Eran Ricklis

“Deadly Fortune” (13 episodes) director: Eran Ricklis

“The Elixir of Komran” director: Shmuel Imberman

Whole Generation Demands a Dream director: Miki Yonati


“Meeting Nelson Mandela” A special for MTV Broadcast world wide.

“Journey to Jerusalem” (52min) director: Noam Shalev for the National Geographic channel


“Diamonds and rust” (75min) director: Adi Barash & Ruthi Shatz

“The End of the Orange Season” (a series of 12 Films), directors: Eithan Tzur, Gabrieal Bibliovitz, Ido Sela

“Yom Huledet Same’ach Mar Mograbi ()” (sound re-recording mixer) … aka Happy Birthday, Mr. Mograbi

“Stars” (100 min.), director: Ziva Postek

“The Fat Man With the Sony” (a series of 12 Films), director : Yaron London

“Tkuma” (a series of 22 1 hour Films), 22 different directors.

“No Missing Link ” director:

“From Babylon to Jerusalem” (56 min), Director: Amit Goren

“Pinchas’ Dream “, director Ruth Voloch

“Poetics for the Masses” (A series of 20 Films), director: Eran Ricklis

“Earth Quake” (50 min), director: Ido Sela

“Things Have Never Been Better” (50 min), director: “Rabin” (50 min), director: Ido sela

“Biladi Biladi “, director: Ronit Weiss Berkovitz“Tomorrow ’98” (50 min), directors: Ido sela & Micha Livne

“The Stone and the Olive Branch”, director: Danny Vaxman



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