Phil Aitkins – Senior Technical Director – BSkyB
by on May 18, 2016 in

In my roll as a Senior Technical Director at BSkyB I have had the pleasure of working with Sefi Carmel for the past five years.  Over that time Sefi has demonstrated his exacting skills with live sound production, audio QC, sound editing, music bed creation and sound effects building.  Through out this time his level of professionalism has been one of the corner stones of our Sound Dept.  His knowledge and ‘ear’ have enabled us to push forward with our programmes and sound design.  It has been a pleasure to work along side him on the numerous programmes and projects commissioned here.  Sefi would be an incredibly strong asset for any live or post production company and have no hesitation in giving him the very highest recommendation.

Phil Aitkins - Senior Technical Director – BSkyB
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