Dolby Atmos at Soundtrack Creation
by on July 10, 2019 in Studio News

With the rising popularity of Dolby Atmos, we’re happy to announce that Soundtrack Creation is getting it’s very own Atmos Suite. It will feature 12 speakers installed around the room and in the ceiling to deliver a fully immersive experience whilst mixing for TV, Film and Video Games.

Since surround sound was introduced in the 80’s, the search for immersive formats and systems has never ceased. With the rapid growth of the video game industry and the advances in film making, people want to feel as close to the action as possible.

This is where Dolby Atmos comes in.

An immersive experience that utilises up to 64 channels. The speakers completely envelop the audience from behind the screen, on the walls and overhead. Dolby Atmos is designed to enhance the conventional 7.1 format by adding an additional stereo overhead array and up to 118 “sound objects”

Graham and Adam Daniel –

So with the introduction of Dolby Atmos n 2012, creators could simulate 3D environments for listeners. Meaning that a space ship can fly towards you, then over your head and fade out behind you. Or gunshots from a battle scene will be all around you. Really putting you in the middle of the action. Pretty Neat!

With more cinemas adopting the format, we’re on the cusp of a new age of cinema sound. Soundtrack Creation embraces this technology and can’t wait to experiment in a Dolby Atmos!

Dolby Atmos in use

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